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Welcome to TexasRxs.org !!
Welcome to TexasRxs.org !!
*This is the official home of the TexasRxs Car Club of Austin. We are the only group in town dedicated to vehicles powered by that automotive marvel, the Mazda Rotary Engine.

*In 2017, there will be no formal monthly meetings. Instead, we will gather informally at the recurring weekly/monthly & major scheduled events. All cars are welcome.

*TexasRxs is now associated with *CenTex Cruises, *Sweet Rides Of Central Texas*, *G21 Group* & Tejas Miata open events. We participate in hill country drives, car shows & other activities. All members & guests are welcome to visit, go all or part way, or just send us off. See "Upcoming Club Events".

*Formation of a MAZDA EVENT GROUP is pending. It will include RX, Miata, Mazda 3/6 club members & invited guests, TBA.*

Our low dues help support club administration & event activities. Presenting a TexasRxs MEMBERSHIP CARD gets very sizable discounts at participating sponsors & everybody wins. See *HOW TO JOIN* & *MEMBERSHIP FORM* @the left column. Paid members get $5. off a club logo for your shirt, cap or windshield.

*ROGER BEASLEY MAZDA Dealerships-Parts & accessories.
Central (www.RogerBeasley.com).
South (www.MazdaSouth.com).
Georgetown (www.MazdaGeorgetown.com).
*DISCOUNT TIRE-Unbeatable prices/service on tires & wheels. (www.DiscountTire.com).
*DENTWORKS-Highest quality paintless dent repair.(www.Dentworks.com).
*TXR CUSTOM CAR AUDIO & ACCESSORIES-Long time small shop, 5 star work.(www.TXRCustomCarAudio.com).
*MUFFIN MUFFLER-Long time 5 star small shop, repair, replace, custom exhaust. (www.MuffinMuffler.com).
*EAGLE TRANSMISSION-Expert work, fair prices. (www.PflugervilleTransmission.com).
*AUTO GLASS SOLUTIONS-5 star small shop, best prices, window, windshield chip repair/replacement. (www.AutoGlassSolutionsInc.com).

Our website is a work in progress, updating event information, sponsor logos, Tech Tips & other Links. Thanks & keep on truckin' Randall !!
Dentworks of Austin

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Sun.Feb12, 2017 Cars & Coffee Oasis-Rudy's BBQ-Cow Creek Drive
Posted by TopDown on 2017/2/13 10:40:00 (560 reads)

*The weather was clouded, but after months of very bad weather, huge numbers showed up for Cars & Coffee @the Oasis. I got to lot #2 @8:15am only because I woke early & couldn't sleep. All lots & garage levels were full by 9:30-10am after lines to get in. Maybe the next few months will hopefully be less frantically pent up.
*As always there were some very rare cars among the many. My favorite was the beautiful custom metallic green 60's Buick Rivieria 2-door boat-tail hard top, complete w/all chrome engine & scissor doors. Most amazing was a small, immaculate 70's 2-door Toyota powered by a 1.3L hand built turbo Mazda Rotary. The modest builder/owner answered the dyno wheel hp only when, seeing the super wide rear tires, I asked. 472 hp, careful on the accelerator in any gear & gas mileage like a mean Ferrari. A giant killer.
*Invitations went out to RX, Miata, friends & guests for the show, lunch & drive,... all or part. At 11:30 from the Oasis, we drove to Rudy's BBQ/620 for lunch. Afterward with clear skies, radios & noobie maps, 14 cars (RX7/8, Mustang, Z, Lexus, Miata) hit the road: Lime Creek, 1431, Cow Creek, 1174, reversed 1431/Lime Creek, ending @the Oasis.
*Almost 1/2 of those coming were non-club invited friends & guests. Mixed open events are the most fun; this was a good one. More to come; check postings here. Thanks for coming. LD.

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Sun.Jan.22, 2017 Rolling Sculpture Car Show
Posted by TopDown on 2017/1/23 7:20:00 (468 reads)

*The annual show 11am-3pm @Hill Country Galleria-2244/71 in Bee Caves benefits the library located there. This event in a downtown/main street venue is not the largest but, as always, had many fine rare, classic & exotic cars on display.
*The 1956 Jaguar entry by Tom Prager was the meeting point for lunch with visiting RXs & Miatas. Never been to All Star Burger & had the best chili ever, .....the spoon stuck & held !!
*Blue skies w/high wind in the 60's & wind chill kept jackets on 'til 2pm, ....still better than summer on the asphalt. When Tom wanted to leave early, I told him I didn't want to accept a trophy in his absentence (mutter,...ok,...tick-tock...).
*The Best-In-Show Award for the "best iconic example of an important period in automotive history" was decided by a former head of GM Design. Guess Who ?? Tom Prager (told 'ya) & his classic '56 metallic maroon Jaguar, ......crowd roars,......applause. Other class winners were a '57 Cadillac convertible, '93 Ferrari & '32 Ford roadster.
*Good show with friends, lunch & walk about.

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Sat.Jan.21/2017 Twin Peaks/Gear Heads Show @Cabella's
Posted by TopDown on 2017/1/23 6:50:00 (431 reads)

*RX's & Miata's met 4pm at Twin Peaks restaurant on E.Stassney. It's a good knock ^^ off of Hooter's & food was good enough on the patio. By 5pm, skies had turned gray & IH35 was jammed, so we drove on the feeder & the back way to Cabela's lot in Buda.
*Gear Heads Sat. recurring show had moderate but interesting turnout of a mixed group of custom, muscle & sports cars. Skies got dark to the north & wind really picked up. We watched hazardous warnings to the north in Austin. We were on the south edge of possible tornado conditions & stayed put until it passed to the east. Then home....
*Thanks to James Phelps/Tejas Miata for this open event.

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Sat.Dec.10-Sun.11, 2016-Impromptu Twisted Sisters Tour
Posted by TopDown on 2017/1/19 15:20:00 (457 reads)

*It was an end-of-the-year do or die drive with some Tejas Miata Club members on an overnight tour of all the best roads in the hill country. Kerrville was the home away from home with dinner at Mamacita's, visits to gun shops, classic car showrooms & various local color spots.
*A night drive to The (newly built retro-deco old 3 story) Hanger Hotel bar at the old San Marcos Airport was good for bloody Mary's since I wasn't driving.
*Foggy & cold roads to Leakey were all freshly paved with loose gravel requiring a slower pace. Sadly, Vinny's Italian Restaurant was closed for their retirement. But, lunch at The Friends Grill got me the biggest, best genuine medium rare burger ever.
*After Sun.am Cheddar's breakfast, weather was typically Texas Christmas seasonal, ....cold, wet & rainy all the way. Everything went well until the intersection light at Fitzhugh Rd. & 12. The short story: My trans. locked, Desi Rodriguez & James Phelps graciously stayed until a tow to Eagle Transmission in Pflugerville arrived. Don't ask what the haul cost, but they fixed my baby, smooth like new. Merry #$@!&*+=/?x^%$$$$ Christmas to me.
*Still, a nice drive & good company. LD.

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PENDING: Mazda Group Events 2017
Posted by TopDown on 2016/12/29 6:40:00 (697 reads)

*Possible formation of an overall MAZDA EVENT GROUP (name TBA) is being considered for 2017. It may/may not be a non-profit corporation. It will include existing clubs: Miata, RX, Mazda 3 & 6. Each participating club will keep its own identity, membership, finances & brand-specific events separate while helping in events.
*Tejas Miata Club will most likely sponsor it, organize, oversee & plan events. Participating Mazda clubs might have a member to give input on coming group events.
*Mazda Group Events will be open to all participating club members & their guests who are to behave responsibly.
*Benefits: More participation, a better social mix of new cars/people & more numbers to influence major event venues, sponsor & dealership benefits.
*TexasRxs will support this formation, events & participation. Let me know what you think. (LarryDavidson66@Gmail.com)

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