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Welcome to TexasRxs.org !!
Welcome to TexasRxs.org !!
*This is the official home of the TexasRxs Car Club of Austin. We are the only group in town dedicated to vehicles powered by that automotive marvel, the Mazda Rotary Engine.

*In 2017, there will be no formal monthly meetings. Instead, we will gather informally at the recurring weekly/monthly & major scheduled events. All cars are welcome.

*TexasRxs is now associated with *CenTex Cruises, *Sweet Rides Of Central Texas*, *G21 Group* & Tejas Miata open events. We participate in hill country drives, car shows & other activities. All members & guests are welcome to visit, go all or part way, or just send us off. See "Upcoming Club Events".

*Formation of a MAZDA EVENT GROUP is pending. It will include RX, Miata, Mazda 3/6 club members & invited guests, TBA.*

Our low dues help support club administration & event activities. Presenting a TexasRxs MEMBERSHIP CARD gets very sizable discounts at participating sponsors & everybody wins. See *HOW TO JOIN* & *MEMBERSHIP FORM* @the left column. Paid members get $5. off a club logo for your shirt, cap or windshield.

*ROGER BEASLEY MAZDA Dealerships-Parts & accessories.
Central (www.RogerBeasley.com).
South (www.MazdaSouth.com).
Georgetown (www.MazdaGeorgetown.com).
*DISCOUNT TIRE-Unbeatable prices/service on tires & wheels. (www.DiscountTire.com).
*DENTWORKS-Highest quality paintless dent repair.(www.Dentworks.com).
*TXR CUSTOM CAR AUDIO & ACCESSORIES-Long time small shop, 5 star work.(www.TXRCustomCarAudio.com).
*MUFFIN MUFFLER-Long time 5 star small shop, repair, replace, custom exhaust. (www.MuffinMuffler.com).
*EAGLE TRANSMISSION-Expert work, fair prices. (www.PflugervilleTransmission.com).
*AUTO GLASS SOLUTIONS-5 star small shop, best prices, window, windshield chip repair/replacement. (www.AutoGlassSolutionsInc.com).

Our website is a work in progress, updating event information, sponsor logos, Tech Tips & other Links. Thanks & keep on truckin' Randall !!
Dentworks of Austin

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The Legend Is True !! Sat.Jan.22-FLORENCE/Vic's Grocery & World Famous Deli.
Posted by TopDown on 2011/1/23 17:10:00 (666 reads)

*Here's a good example of how visiting a small (really small) town makes a great day trip. Only Jeremy Tome, who grew up nearby Georgetown would have known that Vic's Grocery & World Famous (in Florence) Deli even existed. Certainly not us yuppie city slickers; I could not have dreamed this one up.

*Weather was great for January w/clear blue skies in the upper 60's & way better than 100 degrees in the good 'ol summer time. No seasonal excuses for sleep-ins or no-shows with tops & heaters here. The few, the proud, five cars & 7 people turned out. RXs, Miatas, Zs & S2Ks put tops down & sun roofs open.

*Down the road a ways off RR1431, infamous Cow Creek Rd, with it's ancient cattle crossings & pot holes recently repaired & resurfaced nicely, now felt much like Lime Creek Rd. Little known routes to Oatmeal, Bertram, Oahkalla, Maxdale (location of a haunted cemetery & hostile local villagers) & Ding Dong (a real town) took us to Florence by the really back way.

*Dowtown Florence, all 1 block of it, still had old original buildings, some a little spiffed up, but intact. The sign for Vic's Grocery was as old as the building, but we homed in having arrived hungry in anticipation. This was a for real, very rare, small town grocery, loaded to the ceiling with everything @reasonable prices, & not a convenience store. The deli/bakery was in the very back where we lined up. The 12" sandwiches were more like 16-18", bread fresh out of the oven & loaded. My large 1/2 half was only $3 + change & very tasty. **The Legend of Vic's Deli is true !!**

*After lunch Jeremy led the hard core drivers on an Andice/Jarrell never driven loop ending somewhere between Liberty Hill & Georgetown, then home. Who knew there were so many good roads NE of Austin ?? Thanks to Jeremy Tome for planning/leading this new route to his favorite area.

Who else has some hidden jewel in their memory to share with us ??

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(2011) 6th ANNUAL HILL COUNTRY TOUR-Leakey Tx. OVERNIGHT-Sat.Feb.26-Sun.27.
Posted by TopDown on 2011/1/13 6:20:00 (803 reads)

Announcing our yearly trip through the most beautiful winding roads in Texas.
Open to all cars & drivers; COME ALL OR PART WAY !!
The 6th Annual Hugely Scenic Grande Hill Country Overnight Log Cabin Tour To Leakey Texas is 10am Sat.Feb.26-6pm Sun.27.
*RESERVE NOW UNDER *TEXASRXS CAR CLUB*; 1st come, 1st serve.
*FEB.15+ Remaining rooms released to general public.
*THE PACE: Brisk when appropriate, not extreme, never boring, safely led, radio controlled, no one left behind.
*SAFETY: Our events have had no incidents, accidents, vehicle damage.
*REQUIRED: Driver's license, inspection, insurance, radio-ch.7, 21yrs or w/parent/guardian.
*TO SHARE cabins, gas, empty seat, ride wanted---Email me (LarryDavidson@PeoplePc.com).
*RIVER HAVEN CABINS*Leakey Tx. (866-232-5400) Bill/Mary (www.RiverHavenCabins.com) Email(RHC@hctc.net).
Modern log cabins, decks, bluff river view, queen beds, kitch/dining, fireplace, flat screen sat.tv, wii, all supplies.
(6) 2Bd-1Bth @$85.+tx.
(1)4Bdrm-4Bth @$215.+tx.
(1) Mobile home 1Bdrm-1Bth @$50.+tx.
*IF FULL-Overflow rooms close on the same road @LEAKEY SPRINGS CABINS (866-232-5400) Bill/Mary (www.LeakeySpringsCabins.com) Email(RHC@hctc.net).
(4) 2Bdrm-1Bth @$75.+tx.
General Schedule
*MEET 10am-2244W @71W-McDonald's/Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot.
*LEAVE 10:30am, back roads.
*LUNCH-Johnson City or Fredericksburg TBA.
*LEAKEY by 6pm, check in @cabins.
*COMMUNITY FIRE PIT @River Haven, tell tall tales.

SUNDAY Feb.27:
*CHECK OUT 8:50am.
*BREAKFAST 9am @The Eagle's Nest (only one open Sun.am)
*LEAVE 10am, Leakey back roads.
*LUNCH-Kerrville TBA.
*HOME by 6pm.
Join us on the best drive of the year.
LD. (LarryDavidson@PeoplePc.com)

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Sat.Dec.4, 2010-First Ever CASUAL TECH DAY-Big Success !!
Posted by TopDown on 2010/12/14 18:00:00 (587 reads)

*Who would have believed that our first ever *Casual Tech Day* would go over so well ?? 12 showed, some old, some new & even a visitor from the G35 group. Jerry Adair's 1400'sq. home shop was all cleaned up & ready for some serious rotary issues.
*The main theme is to test the basic condition of engines & showcase repair steps in sequence at future sessions. This began with a compression testing demo, the indicator of apex seal condition, the main point of failure for rotaries. We tested 1 dead & 1 running with low readings, indicating a possible rebuild in his future. #!+@%&x*!! Oh well, ...start saving !!
*Other lesser info. was exchanged on batteries, maintainers, electrics, switches, cat.converters, inspection, advantages/pitfalls of modifications, ...and on. There was also some buying/bartering of seats, suspension, and engine parts from Jerry's parts cars & inventory.
*Lunch provided by the club was just sandwiches, potato salad & drinks. A Texan without an outdoor grill ?? But, Jerry has promised to get one & graduate us to the good stuff next time.
*Originally 11am-3pm+, the sun set with Jerry & Jeremy still under the hood until near midnight, zzzzzzzzzzzz. NEXT CASUAL TECH DAY is 11am Sat.Jan.29; check the *Upcoming Events* column. Thanks to Jerry Adair, TexasRxs Tech Advisor & those who came for the day.
Mthly Meet-Tues.Dec.28
Cars & Coffee-Sun.Jan.2

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Sat.Dec.11-5th Annual Grande Xmas lights Tour-2010
Posted by TopDown on 2010/12/14 17:20:00 (667 reads)

*It was perfect weather for this year's drive with 70's in the day & seasonably cold that evening. A total of 10 cars & 13 people came all or part way including RXs, Miatas, a Mustang & a Toyota pickup ?? As we say, "All cars & drivers welcome !!"
*This trip skipped shopping in Fredericksburg & we left in the afternoon for Johnson City. Favorite backroads through Hamiliton Pool & good 'ol CR 962/Spur 301 with it's dips, cattleguards & loose livestock made the drive "interesting". Randall raised his air suspension to max & Jerry (pickup) made the hairpins, ....mostly. All arrived smiling & without incident.
*The Silver K Cafe had our table reserved & ready. The menu was expanded for holiday dining & everything was rated excellent for service, food, drinks & desserts. Thanks to Kay Pratt-owner for hosting us every year.
*Lingering over the wonderful dinner & conversation put us well into evening for the walk around Johnson City's World Famous In Texas Xmas Lights Extravaganza. New displays in City Park, the completely light-covered court house square and Perdernales Electric Coop's absolutely drenched-to-the-inch & branch giant oak trees (see the Forum photo), grounds & annex buildings were jaw dropping. Even previous visitors were still awed by the biggest display in the Hill Country.
*After the whole tour, hot chocolate (thanks Jerry) & many photos, 290E was the deer-safe way home around 8pm+. All of us Xmas junkies were happy, ....but ready for more next year. I sent Randall Edward's (Webmaster) email out for pics to the Forum; please forward yours.
*Great fun, good turnout, nice roads & oooh-aaah lights. Thanks for coming.

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Annual Christmas Drive photos are up!
Posted by canaryrx8 on 2010/12/12 4:50:00 (762 reads)

TexasRxs Christmas Drive photos are up in the gallery, be sure to click the yellow car on the left to check it out. We'll be adding more pictures of past events slowly but surely so be sure to check back from time to time.

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