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Dentworks of Austin
Author : TopDown
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Published Date: 2017/2/13 10:40:00
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*The weather was clouded, but after months of very bad weather, huge numbers showed up for Cars & Coffee @the Oasis. I got to lot #2 @8:15am only because I woke early & couldn't sleep. All lots & garage levels were full by 9:30-10am after lines to get in. Maybe the next few months will hopefully be less frantically pent up.
*As always there were some very rare cars among the many. My favorite was the beautiful custom metallic green 60's Buick Rivieria 2-door boat-tail hard top, complete w/all chrome engine & scissor doors. Most amazing was a small, immaculate 70's 2-door Toyota powered by a 1.3L hand built turbo Mazda Rotary. The modest builder/owner answered the dyno wheel hp only when, seeing the super wide rear tires, I asked. 472 hp, careful on the accelerator in any gear & gas mileage like a mean Ferrari. A giant killer.
*Invitations went out to RX, Miata, friends & guests for the show, lunch & drive,... all or part. At 11:30 from the Oasis, we drove to Rudy's BBQ/620 for lunch. Afterward with clear skies, radios & noobie maps, 14 cars (RX7/8, Mustang, Z, Lexus, Miata) hit the road: Lime Creek, 1431, Cow Creek, 1174, reversed 1431/Lime Creek, ending @the Oasis.
*Almost 1/2 of those coming were non-club invited friends & guests. Mixed open events are the most fun; this was a good one. More to come; check postings here. Thanks for coming. LD.

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